Quick Facts

  • Cape Flattery is the most northwestern point in the contiguous United States.
  • The stunning seastacks, caves and arches, as well as the fascinating miniature life in numerous tidepools, make Shi Shi Beach well worth the visit.
  • Point of Arches is probably the most stunning set of sea stacks you'll ever see, with bold arches, intriguing tunnels and amazing tide pools.
  • For generations, anglers have launched their boats into the protected bay at Sekiu in search of record-breaking salmon and halibut.



Enjoy the drive 50 miles west of Port Angeles on Hwy. 112, a National Scenic Byway. This corner of the Olympic Peninsula is unique, known for rugged and pristine coastline and abundant marine life. Separated by two miles of beach, Clallam Bay and Sekiu look across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Sekiu is a world-famous recreational fishing destination, complete with all the services you will need to catch a really big fish! Other recreational activities include hiking, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and the favorite of all...beachcombing! Bird watchers are rewarded with puffins, marbled murrelets, thousands of coastal birds, migrating swans, raptors and the hundreds of bald eagles that winter on this coast. Gray and humpback whales, orcas and sea otters are a few of the plentiful marine species. Sekiu and Clallam Bay are very near Lake Ozette, which is in Olympic National Park, with hiking trails to miles of unspoiled ocean beaches. A nine-mile triangle hike from Ozette to Cape Alva and Sand Points will pass ancient petroglyphs. To the north is Shi Shi Beach, within the National Marine Sanctuary.


Neah Bay is the home of the Makah Indian Tribe. The area is best known for its recreational sports fishing, eco-friendly tourism, fantastic deep-sea diving, and site of the Makah Cultural and Research Center’s world-class Makah Museum. The waters off Neah Bay have some of the best halibut fishing in the lower 48 states. Bring your own boat and moor at the Makah Marina, a state-of-the-art 200-slip marina or book a charter for fishing salmon, halibut, ling-cod, sea-bass and other types of ocean fish.

The hike to Cape Flattery, the very northwest tip of the continental United States, is reached by a 20-30 minute walk across a combination of split cedar boardwalks and groomed earthen trail. At the end of the ¾ mile hike with moderate climbs are five observation platforms with cedar decks, benches and railing. The fabulous views to the Straits and Pacific Ocean and along the rocky coastline will be forever etched into your memory. The crashing of the waves against the rocky shore, the call of a wide variety of sea birds, sea-lions lazing on the rocks and during their migration Gray whales can all be experienced from this vantage point.

The rugged, natural coastline; pristine beauty; diversity of wildlife, plants and marine mammals; recreational opportunities; opportunity to become educated about the rich traditions and life of the Makah people and welcoming nature of the local community make Neah Bay an unrivaled destination on the Northwest coast!